Gerard Marzilli

Originally from Warwick, RI, Gerard Marzilli has been acting for film and stage since the age of 10. His television work includes a Muppet Show pilot for the Jim Henson Company and Criminal Minds. He is the voice of ‘Mango the Monkey’ and other characters on the hit children’s show, The Adventures of Annie and Ben on Amazon Prime. He was also the lead ‘Laurence’ in the very funny show Real Acting on Amazon Prime for White Ninja Productions.  His film credits include William Shakespeare's Richard III starring David Carradine, Sally Kirkland and Anne Jefferys, and Dead in Love with Margaret O'Brien. He most recently appeared as ‘Detective Keenan’ in Half Dead Fred (2022) alongside Corin Nemic and Jason London. Onstage in LA he has worked with Theatre of NOTE, Antaeus Classical Ensemble and the LA Opera.  His most recent projects include Barefoot Spirit and the upcoming The Brainsavers for Business Audio Theater.